What's in the TTR Unique Box?

Color ribbon - left roll

  • One roll of black wax/resin ribbon. This black wax/resin ribbon contains hidden company logos and lettering which are activated with UV light and can also be furnished with text and logo.
  • To give you an idea of the possible results, we have also prepared five paper labels that have been printed with this black ribbon.

Color ribbon - right roll

  • One roll of gray resin ribbon. This gray resin ribbon also contains hidden company logos and lettering which are activated with UV light and can be furnished with text and logo as well.
  • To give you an idea of the possible results, we have prepared five PE labels that have been printed with this gray ribbon.
  • A conventional UV light source with a wave length of 365–370 nm to demonstrate the impressive functionality.

What does TTR Unique offer you?

  • KURZ TTR Unique is primarily a classic thermal-transfer color ribbon. Nowadays such ribbons are used throughout the world in logistics and workflow to label and identify products. Barcodes are usually printed on labels which are then attached to the products to be labeled. This enables automated – because it is machine-readable – tracking of products.
  • Secondly yet crucially, TTR Unique helps protect your products against counterfeiting. This is why we have furnished KURZ TTR Unique with the UV-activated elements mentioned above. With these we can provide foils, and thus your product, with your company logo, name, or any other feature you wish.
  • For you this means that your process chain requires no additional production step to introduce the brand-protection feature for your products, in addition to the existing automated tracking feature.
  • If you would like to print your barcode labels not only in black but also in your corporate color, we can formulate almost any color for you, which you can see right now using the gray resin ribbon example. Your labeled products not only bear an additional security feature, your brand recognition is also reinforced.

How does TTR Unique work?

  • Just swap the existing – normally black – thermal-transfer ribbon for TTR Unique.
  • No other process steps are required!
  • TTR Unique can be used in conventional flat-head printers.
  • Use an appropriate, preferably smooth label material such as chromo paper or plastic labels, to best bring out the effects of TTR Unique.
  • To verify (in our case to visualize the hidden UV-activated marks), simply illuminate the label with a UV light source. This will not only track your product throughout the entire workflow and logistics chain, but also verify its authenticity.

This thermal-transfer foil underscores the uniqueness of your product and protects you and your customers.

That's why we call it TTR Unique.

Would you like to use TTR Unique for your products?

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