TTR Unique VEROSPEC - innovative thermotransfer solution


TTR Unique VEROSPEC is based on a special coating, which can only be verified mechanically with the appropriate reader. The "fingerprint" is applied in the print of the label in one go and without extra effort.

TTR Unique VEROSPEC combines the most important services for effective product protection with efficient processing in one innovative thermotransfer solution.




►Your product identification is very efficiently concealed
►Your identification is unique and forgery-proof
►Your security feature is machine readable
►Your identification is usable in court

Premium quality for ribbons -
R 200 in new colors

New to the product line are our
R 200 colors. These premium ribbons are now available in pink, yellow, light blue, white, silver, black, pastel green, orange and violet.

Thanks to a specially formulated color coat, our R 200 quality ensures high coverage and rich colors. Wax and resin ribbons are suited to flat-head applications and are popular in floristry and for gift-giving.


Potential substrates / areas of application:
floral arrangements, wreath ribbons, decorative ribbons, bow ribbons, sashes, rosettes, festival wristbands and more.


Do you have any questions? We are happy to advise you!

Wax-resin foil in a new look

Thermal-transfer foils

We are now offering our K 200 in Medal Red.
Like all colors in the K 200 range, wax-resin ribbon in flat-head applications is especially suited to printing smooth and coated paper surfaces.


The metalized colors of the K 200 grade provide excellent edge sharpness and highly detailed print.


K 200 is currently available in the metalized colors Gold Medal, Medal Gold 338, Silver Medal and Medal Red.


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New TTR brochure "color your brand"

Thermal-transfer foils

Our new brochures
"TTR – Color your brand" are now available in English and German.

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New pictograms

Thermal-transfer foils

From 1th June 2015 the new system of classification and labelling (GHS)is also valid for mixtures of substances. A part of this new system are new hazard pictograms in the colors red and black.

Our range of wax/resin and resin ribbons offers corresponding colored thermal transfer ribbons. Further information and sample rolls will be gladly sent upon request.

New - color foils with short run length

Thermal-transfer foils colors

A splash of color can make a big impression, but normal delivery quantities are often just too comprehensive for small print jobs.
Because we are aware of this, we have expanded our range of color wax-resin foils and color resin foils.


So if you need a bit less, you can now order rolls in your width with a run length of only 100 meters. The offer is ideal for small print jobs and not tied to a minimum order. Give us a call to find out more, or contact your dealer directly.

New to the wax-resin program:
Color foil in orange

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons

We are now offering wax-resin quality thermal-transfer foils in orange color.

The ink ribbons run in all flat-head printers and are suited to printing smooth paper and plastics. You are already familiar with our high coverage ink ribbons, and the new ink foil in orange is no exception.

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