Product security with thermal-transfer foils

Corporate color on labels protects against product piracy

Thermal-transfer foils

Color thermal-transfer ink ribbons

Labels and barcodes in your corporate colors make life difficult for crooks because they are unable to create thermal-transfer ink ribbons in the exact hue for which your company is known.

This means that color your brandŽ makes your products more secure. Your warehouse personnel, distributors and customers know that an article is genuine only when label and barcode are printed in your corporate color. The color signature turns your product labels into a seal of quality.

TTR Unique - even more protection for your product

You can even take your product security a step further. We have developed a thermal-transfer foil that allows you to add information. It only becomes visible clearly under UV light, revealing the authentication feature of your choice. This thermal-transfer foil underscores the uniqueness of your product and protects you and your customers. That's why we call it

TTR Unique.

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