Thermal-transfer foils product line

Thermal-transfer foils

Wax ribbons (Group K1)

For printing paper labels that need only limited smear- and scratch-resistance, choose wax-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons. Even at high print volumes, they deliver sharp-edged results with high optical density so that printed barcodes are easy to read. Wax ribbons are suitable for all conventional flat-head printers and are especially cost-efficient.

Wax-resin ribbons (Group K3)

When printing needs call for greater resistance to smearing and scratching, the choice is thermal-transfer foils on a wax-resin base. They are used on paper and plastics for sharp-edged and detailed results, such as easy-to-read and smear-resistant barcodes.
Wax-resin ribbons are also known as premium ribbons or mix grades, and they run in all conventional flat-head printers. KURZ has wax-resin ribbons in many colors, and we also offer them in metalized gold and silver hues. We will gladly create special colors for you.

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Resin ribbons (Group K5)

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons on a synthetic-resin base are the best choice for print that must withstand extreme demands. Aggressive substances that could make print unreadable don't stand a chance. Resin ribbons are used on plastic surfaces. They are compatible with all conventional flat-head printers and have high covering capacity and very sharp edges.

As well as the usual black, KURZ offers resin ribbons in many colors and in several metalized hues. And if you need a specific color, we can create that, too.

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Near-edge ribbons (Group K7)

Print jobs for near-edge printers can only be performed with near-edge ribbons. Paper and plastic labels and flexible packaging foils are among the substrates that can be printed with near-edge ribbons.


There are also near-edge ribbons with resin and wax-resin bases. They deliver best results at high speeds and high print volumes. We offer near-edge ribbons in black and in many standard and special colors.

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Ink foils

Most companies choose black when printing their labels. That's too bad, because thermal-transfer ink ribbons are available in many bright colors, some even with a real metal coating in gold and silver. Ink thermal-transfer ribbons give your products a personal touch; for instance by incorporating your corporate color.

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Sometimes it's just got to be something new. You are looking for a solution that has thus far eluded thermal-transfer ink ribbons. KURZ is Germany's only manufacturer of thermal-transfer foils, and our development department has a knack for custom-built products. Check with us if you are faced with a task that no one has yet been able to solve!

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TTR by KURZ provides you with security

We provide you with product security because we have been manufacturing thermal-transfer ink ribbons for a long time and because we know what makes a good thermal-transfer ink ribbon. All KURZ ink ribbons are tested under strict quality guidelines. Our production site is in Germany, but we also use the KURZ Group's international contacts. KURZ makes thermal-transfer foils available for scores of markets and applications worldwide. That's why our product range is so large. And since we know how thermal-transfer ink ribbons must perform in your market and for your application, we will be glad to assist you.

We provide you with delivery security. Our stock program is as comprehensive as our product range. That's how we make sure your labeling process never bogs down - the thermal-transfer ink foils for your print project are always in stock.

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