Quality management

Thermal-transfer foils

ISO 9001: Top quality products thanks to constant optimization

We know that your product is only as good as each of its components. Your suppliers should thus be subject to the same quality demands as you. KURZ is certified in accordance with
ISO 9001 (PDF 388,0 kB). This provides many benefits for you and us, because all of our operational and production processes are monitored and optimized on an ongoing basis. We can thereby guarantee you consistently high quality products and systematic technical development of thermal-transfer ink ribbons.

ISO 14001: KURZ flies its environmental colors

We supply environmentally-friendly products, and are committed to protecting the environment. We assume responsibility at all our subsidiaries and voluntarily go beyond legal requirements. For this reason we have custom tailored our own environmental management as per ISO 14001 (PDF 194,0 kB). It has been implemented and acted upon worldwide by all of our employees.

ISO 50001: Energy management by KURZ

Your products should leave the smallest ecological footprint possible. This means that the entire production chain of your goods must be designed using criteria for energy efficiency. We too are obligated to such considerations, and already implemented an energy-management system years ago. It is our goal to handle energy responsibly, to reduce our CO2 emissions and to work ever more energy efficiently. Our energy-management system and a major part of our corporate philosophy have been certified in accordance with ISO 50001 (PDF 194,0 kB).

Our thermal-transfer ink ribbons pose no hazard to your employees noror to the environment. The polyester foil substrate contains a thin layer of dry resin. Thermal-transfer ink ribbons can be disposed of in household waste. Thanks to their high thermal value, the foils can also be used in energy recovery.

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