Corporate Color with thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer foils

Barcodes and labels as brand ambassadors

You have invested much time, money and work into developing your corporate color. You know that color features prominently in your corporate design and strengthens brand awareness, sets your company apart from competitors, and sends an emotional message to your customers and employees.
And at the end of the day it supports purchase decisions. Your corporate color is on all of your company's communication tools – except its labels and barcodes. Why is that?

Thermal-transfer foils in your corporate color

Anyone can do black. Color print catches eyes. That's why KURZ has created color your brandŽ. We will develop thermal-transfer ink ribbons for you in your exclusive corporate color, even if it involves very special color blends, which can be held constant for you over the years.
With color your brandŽ, KURZ is making a statement - when it comes to producing thermal-transfer foils in custom corporate colors, KURZ is leading the way. Our technology helps enhance your market presence. Labels and barcodes in corporate colors make your products even more unique.

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