Tamper-Proof Labels for Your Product

Your customers should know: if it bears your name, it's genuine. That's why KURZ has developed a thermotransfer foil that makes your labels forgery-proof.


TTR Unique VEROSPEC® tags them with an exclusive and invisible security feature. Only devices with special software can read the feature. This is bad news for counterfeiters because they can't even see what they would have to copy.


Labels with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®

Making labels forgery-proof is easy with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®: you change neither your usual print settings nor the print process. To get started, just insert the thermotransfer foil customized for you.

Exclusive security foil + exclusive readout software

The security feature we deposit in the coating of TTR Unique VEROSPEC® is unique. This is also true for the readout software that comes with the security foil and the scanning device.

  • Only you are aware of the presence of the security feature.
  • Only you know what it is.
  • Only you, or service providers authorized by you, can read it.

Serialized pharmaceuticals with TTR Unique VEROSPEC®

The scanner is calibrated to detect whether the coating foil on the label contains your exclusive security feature. This helps detect any attempted forgeries and neutralize criminal schemes.

  • TTR Unique VEROSPEC® gives you back control over your supply chain.
  • You can check the authenticity of your products whenever and wherever you desire.

KURZ delivers optimal protection: our security foils all include a security certification mechanism, and our thermal transfer foils and associated read-out software are exclusively produced within our closed system. This includes strict monitoring of delivery to customers.

TTR Unique Verospec

Serialized pharmaceuticals are safer

Tamper-proof labels have truly become a must-have item in the pharmaceutical field. Within the EU, new tamper-proof guidelines were rolled out in 2019. Packaging for prescription medicines must feature a serial number encrypted using a data matrix code.


Unfortunately, even the data matrix code on your label is not 100% secure. Only one solution can deliver that level of certainty: absolute tamper-proof labeling. Such as that found in TTR Unique VEROSPEC® thermal transfer foil: it simultaneously applies both your invisible security feature and the data matrix code onto the label.


TTR Unique VEROSPEC® puts a stop to counterfeiters:

  • The invisible security feature protects your data matrix code against manipulation.
  • Only you, or an authorized agent, can decrypt the security feature.
  • Tamper-proof labels do not require changes to your printing processes.
  • Your label printing becomes safer, while you continue printing as usual.
  • Your exclusive security marking is usable in court.

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