Thermal-transfer foil shrink-wrapping

Single shrink-wrap for standard requirements

Thermal-transfer foils

Shrink-wrapped thermal-transfer ink ribbons

We carefully shrink-wrap our thermal-transfer ink ribbons to protect them from contaminants and increase their service life. But sometimes shrink-wrapping is not enough, because cleanliness is paramount, or because the rolls will be used in a sensitive clean-room environment.

Double shrink-wrap for more cleanliness

Thermal-transfer foils

Double shrink-wrapped thermal-transfer ink ribbons

We double shrink wrap thermal-transfer ink ribbons that need special protection. We wrap a second foil around the first shrink-wrap foil that covers your thermal-transfer ink ribbon. Simply remove the exterior layer before moving the ink-ribbon rolls into your production rooms.


This ensures that your sensitive production rooms will not be contaminated by transport-related impurities that have adhered to the outside packaging layer.

Let us know if your thermal-transfer ink ribbons require special protection. We work on an order-specific and individual basis, because sometimes off-the-shelf solutions just won't do.

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