Thermal-transfer foils pre-cut rolls

Thermal-transfer foils

Standard dimensions don't always measure up

When you buy ready-made thermal-transfer ink ribbons, there are often no other options - you have to accept the roll dimensions on offer, even when they don't ideally match your printing process. The consequence is more frequent changing of ribbon roll because run length is too short. That costs you valuable time and increases production costs. You also incur financial drawbacks when foil dimensions are not exactly right. Foil overhang affects your budget and generates preventable waste that must be removed. That costs you time and makes no ecological or economic sense.

Customized products pay off

Of course we also carry standard ware. But we can do more. Just give us the dimensions you need and we will produce thermal-transfer ink ribbons that precisely fit your application. You will benefit from machines with reduced immobilization times that produce less waste. Thermal-transfer ink ribbons in roll dimensions precisely pre-cut to your print job cost less than you think. And since they make the production process more economic, customized products ultimately help you save money.

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