Resin ribbons (Group K5)

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for paper labels

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer for labels with new pictograms

Resin-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons are used when print on plastics must stand up to high demands.

Aggressive substances that could damage print don't stand a chance here. This is especially important when print contains sensitive data and must remain permanently readable.

Resin ribbons are much appreciated in outdoor applications, in credit and health cards and generally in any print that must be very durable. They thus find use, for instance, in the chemical, electronics and automotive sectors. Applications for resin-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons also include mobile-phone batteries, ink cartridges and solvent containers.


Example of use for resin ribbons

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for paper labels


TTR for labels on chemical containers and gasoline containers


SATO (flat head)

Print requirements:

Very high resistance to gasoline and scratching



Main properties and print requirements

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ribbons for labels

Resin ribbons are manufactured on a base of synthetic resins. They have been developed for smooth plastic surfaces, PP, PET and PVC foils. Labels printed with resin ribbons are scratch-proof and withstand extreme conditions such as bitter cold, rubbing, moisture, heat, contact with acids, fats and solvents.

Resin-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons are available in many colors, including special colors. Metalized resin ribbons are also available if you would like to create a particularly fancy label.

Resin ribbons are applied with high print temperature. The back coating is designed not to damage print heads, despite the heat generated. Print results display very sharp edges and are high coveriage Resin ribbons from KURZ are compatible with all conventional flat-head printers, including CAB, Zebra, Sato, Intermec and TSC.

Our resin ribbons are free of heavy metals as per CONEG and 94/62EG, meet national and international quality standards, and do not pollute the environment.

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