Tackling challenges together

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ribbons in hospitals

Some print jobs pose special challenges. They require new thinking and new solutions, and on occasion thermal-transfer ink ribbons that do not yet even exist.
KURZ is the only manufacturer of thermal-transfer foils in Germany, and we have a strong development department. Our experts love challenges and create thermal-transfer ink ribbons for very special tasks - perhaps soon for you.

Transparent thermal-transfer ink ribbons

One of the special jobs we have solved involved the development of transparent overlays for plastic cards already printed with thermal-transfer ink foils. The transparent foil makes plastic cards even more resistant to wear, extending service life and providing security for sensitive data. The cards are thus especially scratch, smear and scrape resistant, and protected against the effects of ethanol and fuel.

Use TTR by KURZ for your special jobs

Thermal-transfer foils

If you are seeking a solution to a complex print job, look us up! Our development department is glad to break new ground with you.

KURZ's quality requirements are strict. Even when developing new products, we supply thermal-transfer ink ribbons that meet the highest demands and boast certificates that you will need no matter where you are located. We are looking forward to your project.


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