Wax-resin ribbons (Group K3)

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for paper and plastic labels

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for labels

Print with (on) wax-resin ribbons is significantly more smear and scratch resistant than print with (on) wax ribbons. They enable sharp-edged, detailed print and thus good bar-code readability on appropriate surfaces.

Print on products is subject to rubbing and scraping during transport of cargo. Labels printed with thermal-transfer foils on a wax-resin base are not affected by these stresses. In particular the food industry and medical sector rely on ink ribbons formulated with wax-resin.


Example of use for wax-resin ribbons

Thermal-transfer foils


TTR for labels on food, coated paper


CAB A6+ (flat head)

Print requirements:

Enhanced resistance to smearing, moisture and scratching.



Main properties and print requirements

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermotransfer-Farbbänder für Barcodes

Wax-resin-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons boast two features:
• wax is low-priced, and
• resin is durable.
Wax-resin ribbons are now also known as premium ribbons or mix-grade ribbons. They are applied with medium pressure energy and are compatible with all conventional flat-head printers, including CAB, Zebra, Sato, Intermec and TSC.

Wax-resin ribbons are available in many popular colors, as well as special colors. If you would like to create a particularly fancy label, wax-resin ribbons are also offered in gold and silver hues .


At KURZ we place high value on quality. Our wax-resin-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons are ISEGA certified and can thus be used for print that comes into contact with food. Wax-resin ribbons from KURZ are free of heavy metals as per CONEG and 94/62EG, and are easily disposable.

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