Wax ribbons (Group K1)

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for paper labels

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer in logistics

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons made on a wax base are the right choice for printing paper labels, also in large runs. Print quality is high, even on rough surfaces,
yet wax ribbons are especially cost-efficient.


Many sectors rely on labels printed with thermal-transfer foils made of wax. They are especially popular in logistics, commercial shipping and warehousing.


Example of use for wax ribbons

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer in logistics


TTR for storage labels, coated paper


Zebra 110XI (flat head)

Print requirements:

Easily-read barcode; no special requirements for physical stability.



Main properties and print requirements

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermotransfer-Farbbänder für Papieretiketten

The term "thermal-transfer ink ribbon" is often used synonymously with the terms "thermal-transfer foils" and "carbon ribbons". Wax-based thermal-transfer ribbons are very resistant to light and durable enough for simple requirements. Paper labels in particular, and occasionally smooth surfaces and plastics, are printed with little pressure energy. If your labels need to be especially smear and scratch resistant, opt for wax-resin ribbons. Wax ribbons are only available in black.

Wax-based thermal-transfer ink ribbons can be used in all conventional flat-head printers and have multiple certifications: a range of wax ribbons have been approved by ISEGA for use in the food industry, and most wax ribbons are free of heavy metals as per CONEG and 94/62EG. Wax ribbons from KURZ can be disposed of with household waste.

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