Raise the curtain
on your product!

If it can be read, it will be bought

Allergy sufferers and thrifty shoppers are inquisitive. They want to know if a candy chocolate bar really is gluten-free or if a flat-screen monitor costs less elsewhere.
And thanks to the barcode app they can check this at any time - provided the product barcode can be read.

Unfortunately, that's often not the case, with the result that the chocolate candy bar and flat-screen monitor don't make it into the shopping cart. Too bad! With a good thermal-transfer foil, that wouldn't have happened.

Printing without

Stress-free, fast, cost-efficient

Pressure is simply not an issue in thermal-transfer printing, either the literal or figurative sense. That's because images are transferred using heat. Thermal-transfer printing also relieves the time pressure on your activities. Since no stamps need to be prepared, labelling can easily be changed during production processes, yielding a nice side benefit - your fixed costs stay low.

This outfit will have the ladies swooning.

A colourful impression

It could hardly be more striking - the toucan is a feast for the eyes.
Labels and barcodes can be that also.


Who says they have to be black?

Thermal-transfer foils come in all colors of the rainbow, and can even be in your corporate color.

Grey is beautiful!

Fine-tuning for corporate colors

Fifty shades of gray? color your brandŽ from KURZ does more.

We develop thermal-transfer color ribbons in your precise corporate color – down to the finest nuance.
Turn your labels and barcodes into brand ambassadors by printing them in your corporate color.

Sharp enough for you?

Clarity as an advantage

Barcode scanners need clear signals.
The sharper a barcode is printed, the better.

Whether at the supermarket checkout, in the warehouse or during package delivery,
unreadable barcodes cause a lot of headaches.
If you love sharp-edged results, choose thermal-transfer printing
to make sure your goods are securely and properly identified.

Let the paparazzi

Perfect print for high resolution

Pit stop at the race track. The camera zooms in on driver and technicians.

This is the moment the helmet's got to look just right, or more precisely, its emblem.

High-definition TV shines a harsh light on blurs and scratches in the team logo, and on

any imprecision in sponsor color.


Thermal-transfer printing produces helmet and car decals in rich colors - and they can

be replaced at lightning speed when a wild race leaves its mark.

saves the day!

Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels - Get to know us!

Would you like to know what thermal-transfer printing can do for you?
Set up an appointment with our experts at Labelexpo Europe 2017 - the world's largest event

for the label and package printing industry.


We will answer all your questions at our booth in Brussels and show you what TTR by KURZ is all about.

We are looking forward to seeing you.