Near-edge ribbons (Group K7)

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons for near-edge printers

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons

Near-edge ribbons have been developed for high-volume printing processes at high speeds. Suitable substrates are paper, various plastics and flexible packaging foils.

Near-edge technology makes it possible to integrate identification marking directly into the production process. We offer near-edge ribbons that are wax-resin or resin based. Which thermal-transfer ink ribbon is best suited to your production needs has a lot to do with the substrate to be printed. We will be glad to help you select.

Companies that distribute large volumes of goods use thermal-transfer printing with near-edge ribbons because it guarantees resistant print, even at high print speeds. Near-edge ribbons are used for packaging in the food industry, among others.


Example of use for near-edge ribbons

Thermal-transfer foils


Direct printing on food packaging (plastics)


Markem SmartDate (near edge)

Print requirements:

Enhanced resistance to smearing and scratching.


Wax-resin for near-edge printers

Main properties and print requirements

Thermal-transfer foils

Barcode with Thermal-transfer ribbons

Near-edge ribbons are used at high print speeds. Thanks to their special formulation they guarantee optical density of print and high edge sharpness, thus ensuring readability of packaging information.

We offer near-edge ribbons formulated with wax-resin and resin. These ink ribbon types have been developed for different stress requirements and surfaces. As a general rule, resin ribbons are more durable than wax-resin ribbons. KURZ offers near-edge ribbons in many different colors, and we will gladly develop ribbons in special colors too.

Near-edge ribbons from KURZ satisfy high quality and security standards. Their formulations are free of heavy metals as per CONEG and 94/62EG and are easily disposable, while various near-edge ribbons are food-contact safe and ISEGA certified.

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