TTR Unique UV: The Most Practical way to Protect your Products

Verlässlich, randscharf und widerstandsfähig – TTR-Farbbänder von KURZ
Your product security. Easily implemented.

Not visible to the naked eye - that’s the secret behind our TTR Unique security solutions. After all, you can't copy what you can't see. 


With TTR Unique UV, we have developed a variant of counterfeit-proof thermal transfer ribbons that counterfeiters don't stand a chance against.


With decors within the ribbon individually designed for you - e.g. in the form of your company logo - that can be activated by UV light, we ensure that every TTR Unique UV project is and remains unique. Authenticity verification is carried out in the simplest and most cost-efficient way possible with a black light lamp.


How TTR Unique UV Works

  1. We integrate the individually designed security feature (e.g. your company name or logo) into your thermal transfer ribbon during the manufacturing process
  2. Simply replace your previous ribbons with TTR Unique UV in your thermal transfer printing systems
  3. The security features are automatically transferred when the labels are printed
  4. The authenticity verification/check was successful if the embedded design appears in the labeling area under UV light
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Your Benefits with TTR Unique UV at a Glance

Our tried-and-tested security concept from TTR Unique UV is invisible under normal light, cannot be felt and can only be detected under black light.

You can integrate your TTR Unique UV ribbons into your normal production process and use them like conventional ribbons.

All TTR Unique ribbons are produced in our factories with maximum safety. Delivery is made directly and exclusively to your chosen destination.

Check products for authenticity at any point in the supply chain. A conventional UV lamp is all you need.

Nowhere else can you find a security solution like this.

We Are Happy to Accompany You on Your Path to Improved Security with TTR Unique UV!

TTR Unique as a brand of the KURZ Group provides you with counterfeit-proof solutions for your products. We add security features to proven thermal transfer ribbons for effective protection against product counterfeits. Tell us about the challenge you would like to overcome with TTR Unique UV.


Need more protection? Find out about our maximum security solution TTR Unique VEROSPEC®.

Tell us about the challenge you want to overcome and we will advise you which product from our TTR Unique range is best for you.

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