Secure Labels with Resistant Thermal Transfer Ribbons from KURZ

Verlässlich, randscharf und widerstandsfähig – TTR-Farbbänder von KURZ

More than just four wheels and a steering wheel: Depending on the model, a car can consist of more than 30,000 components! Almost every part must be clearly identifiable. This is because there must be no faults when handling key parts and bodywork as well as electronic components - after all, it is all about the safety of the occupants and other road users. Don't take any risks: Choose our high-quality TTR ribbons when it comes to the best labeling solution for your products. Create sturdy, durable, and sharp-edged labeling - for permanent and clear identification of each component and for the safety of your customers.


Your labeling. 
Individually realized.

Efficient and Secure Application thanks to Durable Thermal Transfer Ribbons:

Need help choosing your ideal labeling? Let’s find the best thermotransfer solution for your projects together!

In combination with the matching label material, our ribbons provide high-resolution and accurate printing results that can withstand abrasion and scratching even during frequent use and long-term storage.

Long-term storage of components outdoors is not uncommon - our thermotransfer ribbons are equipped for this situation also: UV rays, summer heat, and even snow or ice can’t harm the readability of your labels when paired with the right ribbon.

Similarly, contact with extreme temperatures in certain assembly processes will leave hardly any marks on your labeling.

We will work with you to find the most suitable ribbon solution that always delivers reliable results, even in the event of contact with liquids and solvents such as engine oil, brake fluid, and other substances. This means your labels won’t smudge, dissolve, or flake off.


Your product security. 
Easily implemented.

Counterfeiters Don't Stand a Chance: With TTR Unique, Illegal Component Copies can be Specifically Removed from Your Supply Chain

Are your supply chains complex? Do your dealers have to handle a large number of products on a daily basis? This leaves little room for detecting and sorting out counterfeit components - which is good news for product pirates, who are increasingly illegally copying components that look like the originals. Even labels often reveal nothing at first glance about the criminal background of the counterfeit vehicle parts.

  • According to the European Commission, almost 8 million counterfeit car parts were seized in the EU in 2019
  • A study by MarkMonitor has revealed that in 2018 almost 10,000 websites were found worldwide selling illegally copied automotive parts and accessories

Help Your Customers Fight Counterfeiters Efficiently!

Don't let counterfeiters get you down and take action against smuggled copies with our TTR Unique range of ribbons in order to...

  • ... prevent hazards to occupants, other road users, and fitters arising from inferior components
  • ... avoid damage to your image and the reputation of dealerships, workshops, and the entire automotive industry caused by the unknowing use or sale of counterfeit spare parts
  • ... minimize the risk of litigation when assembling illegal components
A UV light revealing UV security features in a TTR Unique UV label to protect against counterfeiting

TTR Unique UV

Individual UV Properties 

Have your custom UV security feature, for example in the form of your company logo, integrated into your ribbon and identify your vehicle parts quickly and easily with a UV lamp at any time.

TTR Unique UV
A scanner validating the individual security feature in the TTR Unique VEROSPEC® label thanks to personalized inspection software


Unique Security Features

Get an almost unforgeable thermotransfer foil with unique, invisible security features that can only be read with a test device programmed specifically for you.


No more hassle with illegal copies of your car components: We will work with you to find the perfect TTR Unique solution for your labels.


Your corporate design. 
Perfectly integrated.

No More Confusion thanks to Our Colored Thermal Transfer Ribbons

With so many individual parts, it’s worth standing out! Use colored labels on components to make it easier for your customers to work in warehouses or retail, or to identify specific vehicle components, in order to avoid mix-ups.

Get the most out of your vehicle parts labels and work with us to find the best solution for your plans:

Three colorful thermal transfer rolls for colored labels in the automotive sector

Thermotransfer Color & Effect Catalog

Make it as easy as possible to identify different components and spare parts:


  • Try the matte and gloss standard colors from our color catalog
  • Special glow effect in neon
  • Holograms and three-dimensional effects
TTR Color Sheet
A red thermal transfer roll and a cardboard package with a matching label for a cohesive overall design

Make vehicle parts unmistakable with your corporate color

No one is like you! Use the individuality of your company colors to clearly label your components:


  • Color blends made exclusively for you, such as your corporate color or any other desired color, for effective recognition and differentiation from your competitors
Branding for Automotive Label
Two thermal transfer labels with a barcode in metallic red

Stand out with metallization effects

Go one step further and print your labels with bar codes or QR codes in a metallic look:


  • Ultra-smooth metallic effects in matte and gloss
  • Wide selection of gold and silver colors as well as other metallic shades
Metallic & Diffractive TTR

We’re there for you!

Discover the future of automotive industry labeling now, and take the impact of your barcodes and labels to the next level! As your partner in thermotransfer solutions, we are always at your side with expert advice, a wide selection of ribbons for every application, and lightning-fast delivery. Contact us today and request your sample ribbons!