Label Food Safely and Unambiguously

Verlässlich, randscharf und widerstandsfähig – TTR-Farbbänder von KURZ

Important information on shelf-life, ingredients, and nutritional values influence everyday purchasing decisions. Your customers depend on you for food labeling! So, what do you need? Clear, unambiguous, and legible labels and packaging information.


Suppliers and bulk buyers also depend on clear edge definition and durable printing in order to identify and trace food.


Your labeling. 
Individually realized.

Our Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Food Labeling Make it Easy for You and Your Customers

Whether you’re addressing customers or dealers, communicate relevant product information with clearly defined edges, in detail, and precisely.

Every product has different requirements - including in the food industry. We will help you find the right ink ribbon, which is particularly resistant to abrasion and scratching, moisture, grease, and oil, as well as very high and low temperatures, depending on your needs.

We not only have the right thermotransfer solution for all common printing technologies, but also for almost all rough and smooth substrates such as paper or plastic.

If required, we can offer you tested and certified ribbons for use in the food industry. All our thermal transfer ribbons can easily be disposed of with household waste.


Your corporate design. 
Perfectly integrated.

Stand Out and Impress - with a Breathtaking Variety of Colors

Put your food products in the spotlight! With colored effects on labels and packaging, you can not only create real eye-catchers but also help your brand to be more successful:


  • Boost your brand identity and the image of your food products among your customers
  • Stand out among your competitors and be memorable
  • Create a perfectly coordinated overall design with color-coordinated labeling
  • Highlight the quality and authenticity of your products with unique colors and effects
  • Finish your labels with high-gloss, metal effects using your thermotransfer printing system without any great additional effort
Stacked colored KURZ thermal transfer ribbons for printing colorful labels for food packaging

Thermotransfer Color & Effect Catalog

Show your true colors and refine your food labels and packaging with colors:


  • Try the matte and gloss standard colors from our color catalog
  • Impressive fluorescent or neon effects
  • Exciting depth effects and clever color plays
TTR Color Sheet
Chip bag with matching colored barcode as direct thermal transfer print on the packaging

Style Food Products in Your Corporate Color

And they’ll never get confused again! Catch your customers’ eyes at the grocery store:


  • With color blends made exclusively for you, for instance in your corporate color or any other desired color, for effective recognition by your customers
Branding for Food
Thermal transfer labels with various metallic effects for food packaging

Tempting Metallization Effects for Luxury Foods

Give your specialty food products that certain something with luxurious metallic thermotransfer printing:


  • Impressive metallic effects in matte and gloss
  • Wide selection of luxurious gold and silver colors as well as other metallic shades
Metallic & Diffractive TTR

Your product security. 
Easily implemented.

Stay One Step ahead of Product Piracy with TTR Unique

Confusingly similar: Counterfeit packaging and labels can look deceptively real and just like your original product! As a result, your customers are manipulated and end up purchasing counterfeit products.


Worse still, false information about the composition, origin, or authenticity of food and luxury goods, as well as the addition of inferior or harmful ingredients can have serious consequences for your buyers. And the same for your good name.

Don’t Just Watch, Act! Now You Can Confidently Identify Counterfeits with TTR Unique and Remove them from the Supply Chain:

  • Prevent counterfeit products with inferior or dangerous substances from reaching and harming your customers with solutions from our TTR Unique range!
  • Protect your reputation and that of the food industry from damage caused by product piracy!
Small food packaging with TTR Unique UV safety label, which is verified using the hand scanner

TTR Unique UV

Individual UV Properties 

Have your custom UV security feature, for example in the form of your company logo, integrated into your ribbon and identify your food products quickly and easily with a UV lamp at any time.

TTR Unique UV
TTR Unique VEROSPEC® scanner scans safety labels on food packaging and software displays verification of the original


Unique Security Features

Get an almost unforgeable thermotransfer foil with unique, invisible security features that can only be read with a test device programmed specifically for you.


We’re there for you!

You have a goal - we have the solution! We will assist you in selecting the most suitable ribbon for your food products and will be happy to guide you from start to finish.