Grey is beautiful!

Fine-tuning for corporate colors

Fifty shades of gray? color your brand® from KURZ does more.

We develop thermal-transfer color ribbons in your precise corporate color – down to the finest nuance.
Turn your labels and barcodes into brand ambassadors by printing them in your corporate color.

... Love!

Thermal-transfer printing metalized colors

Enhancing messages and products

Metalized colors send a message - This is something special, a unique occasion, a superb product.


Thermal-transfer printing allows you to easily apply metalized colors.

And when it comes to label shape, you can let your imagination run free.

Whether bow, heart or coronet, you can express yourself to your heart's content.

My prince is
really sweet.

Thermal-transfer foils

Safe print for gourmets

Candy and potato chips are not just for special occasions, and taste best right out of the bag.


The print on these bags must be safe beyond the shadow of a doubt. Food-safe thermal-transfer

color ribbons help make for safe snacking.

Rocker or Banker?

Savvy printing

What might become of these two lady-killers is anyone's guess.
However, what is known is that little Tommy measures 19 inches and weighs over 8 pounds, while brother
Timmy is almost an inch longer and an ounce and a half heavier.
This information and more is stored in the patient wristband attached to babies' arms in newborn nursery wards.

And since the wristbands have been printed with thermal-transfer ink ribbon, they are
non-toxic and might even serve as a pacifier substitute used instead of a dummy.

Words are worth a thousand flowers.

Show your feelings while saving time

Celebrate festive occasions or say goodbye with decorative bows in metalized colors.

They convey a personal message and can be quickly produced.


Thermal-transfer printing allows for very small runs, but also for large-scale ribbon production.

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