Raise the curtain
on your product!

thermal-transfer foil

If it can be read, it will be bought

Allergy sufferers and thrifty shoppers are inquisitive. They want to know if a candy chocolate bar really is gluten-free or if a flat-screen monitor costs less elsewhere.
And thanks to the barcode app they can check this at any time - provided the product barcode can be read.

Unfortunately, that's often not the case, with the result that the chocolate candy bar and flat-screen monitor don't make it into the shopping cart. Too bad! With a good thermal-transfer foil, that wouldn't have happened.

Rocker or Banker?

Savvy printing

What might become of these two lady-killers is anyone's guess.
However, what is known is that little Tommy measures 19 inches and weighs over 8 pounds, while brother
Timmy is almost an inch longer and an ounce and a half heavier.
This information and more is stored in the patient wristband attached to babies' arms in newborn nursery wards.

And since the wristbands have been printed with thermal-transfer ink ribbon, they are
non-toxic and might even serve as a pacifier substitute used instead of a dummy.

And may all your Christmases be white - and red and violet ...

Personal and distinguishable

Red for Uncle Joe, violet for Aunt Rose, and white for Grandma Hilliary. At Christmas, individualized gift ribbons ensure each package actually arrives at its destination.


Thermal-transfer foil from KURZ makes it easy to quickly and easily produce personalized gift ribbons - in small runs as well as at full production.

Next exit 25 December

Security for road warriors

If his vehicle goes on strike, Santa will be stranded. It's a good thing all vehicle parts are labeled for easy replacement.

These labels have to be tough - able to shrug off oil, fuel and thermal stress.


Thermal-transfer color ribbons from KURZ stand up to these challenges, because Christmas without gifts just won't do.

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