Thermal-transfer foils

Certified thermal-transfer ink ribbons from KURZ

Many industries are bound by material specification. Products for the food industry must be demonstrably food-contact safe. Chemical-industry products don't stand a chance if they don't meet the European Chemicals Regulation REACH. Companies that are active in international markets must also heed the regulations of individual countries. We would like to see your thermal-transfer print project efficiently executed, so thermal-transfer ink ribbons from KURZ have already been certified for many industries and markets.

Declaration as food-contact safe

Products for the food industry must not pose any health risks. It is thus important to us that the German certification institute ISEGA and others have classified many of our thermal-transfer ink ribbons as food-contact safe. The certificate, in accordance with guidelines 1935/2004/EG and 10/2011/EU, is valid throughout Europe.


If your products are present on the Swiss or U.S. markets you will also need special approval for printed material. We work closely with SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services), a Swiss laboratory. SQTS confers the certificate of food-contact safety for the Swiss market and for all Europe; for the U.S. market SQTS tests under the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Talk to us if your ink ribbons must be certified for these markets.

EU Chemicals Regulation REACH

Printing with thermal-transfer ink ribbons should be easy for you. That's why we only use raw materials that have already been registered at KURZ. This is also true for ink ribbons that have been manufactured at our non-European sites. The foils themselves are classified as products under EC regulation 1907/2006 of 18/12/06 (REACH VO) and must thus not be registered. A safety data sheet is therefore not mandatory for our foils.


For you, as a customer, this means that when processing KURZ foils you need not check whether special requirements or restrictions must be heeded for the raw materials used. The ink ribbons moreover fulfill Article 67 of the REACH regulations, by which they meet requirements for restrictions under Annex XVII.

Packaging standards 94/62/EG (Europe) and CONEG (USA)

In Europe, packaging components must meet directive 94/62/EG. It defines maximum amounts of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chrome that packaging components may contain. The CONEG specification for the US market makes the same requirements.

Using thermal-transfer ink ribbons from KURZ for your packaging will keep you on the safe side. Our thermal-transfer foils fulfill both directives on packaging, for composition as well as for specification of raw-material suppliers.

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