Individualization of thermal-transfer foils

Customized solutions foster greater efficiency

Thermal-transfer foils

Ticket with thermal-transfer foils

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons must prove themselves in very different industries and printing environments. Ready-made ink ribbons are not always up to these varied requirements.

Of course we hold a large number of standard ink ribbons in stock for you at KURZ.

But perhaps you require more than just standard; you may well need a specific thermal-transfer foil not only precisely formulated to your print job, but also to your measurements and type of packaging.


Customized thermal-transfer ink ribbons provide many advantages, even if they initially seem a bit more expensive than standard. They adapt to your production process and your pace. They help you reduce machine immobilization times, maintain oversight of used rolls, and reduce waste. Let us know what your ideal thermal-transfer ink foil should look like!

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