Color foils

Color thermal-transfer ribbons set the tone

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons

Thermotransfer - color your brand®

Black print is standard and nothing special for consumers, so anyone looking to draw attention to their product will break this habit.

Use labels and barcodes to give your products a personal touch in several ways. Autograph merchandise with your corporate color, or add an out-of-the-ordinary splash of color.

We offer most wax-resin, resin and near-edge ribbons in many colors. And in case your desired color is not among them, we will create thermal-transfer ribbons in special colors.

Enhance perceived value with metalized print

Thermal-transfer foils

Thermotransfer-Farbbänder für Kunststoffkarten

Thermal-transfer foils in metalized colors are eye-catchers. These decorative colors are often reserved for special events, such as ribbons for parties and funeral services, or packaging for luxury products.

Since thermal-transfer printing is inexpensive, these exclusive ink ribbons will not strain your budget either. On the contrary, they enhance products and raise consumer awareness by supporting you in your marketing efforts.


Example for metalized foils

Thermal-transfer foils


TTR printing on decorative bows for gifts.


CAB (flat head)

Print requirements:

Flexible, high gloss, normal resistance


Wax-resin, metalized gold

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  • Gray is beautiful!
  • Old flames never die.

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