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Advice directly from the manufacturer

Thermal-transfer foils

KURZ has been producing ink ribbons
for thermal-transfer printing since 1991.

We know what makes a good thermal-transfer foil, and we are happy to pass this knowledge on to you. Contact us if you are unsure which type of ink ribbon you require. Set up a consultation appointment by telephone or send us an email.

You will find out which thermal-transfer ink ribbon best suits your application by speaking to our customer consultants in Döbeln near Dresden, Germany. Our specialists will send you sample rolls and spare no effort in puzzling out the perfect foil with you. We have our own application technology center at the main KURZ plant in Nuremberg. There we can double-check whether the foil you choose suits your specific print job. And since we would like to personally advise you, your customer consultant will be there for your next inquiry too.

The better we know you, the faster we can supply you with the ideal thermal-transfer foil.

Whether by email or phone. Your personal customer consultant needs information in order to provide you with sound advice.


Please let us know

  • which printer you use.
  • which substrate you wish to print on.
  • which requirements the print must meet (e.g. scratch- and smear-resistance, UV-resistance).

Dealer locater

Thermal-transfer foils

Metalized thermal-transfer ribbons

Your customer consultant will also assist you with ordering and find you a suitable dealer. Let us know if you would like your dealer to furnish services or printers in addition to thermal-transfer foils.
Perhaps you would like to have your dealer nearby? Our network of dealers is extensive, and we will certainly find the ideal solution for you.

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